Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Blog Hop Questionnaire

Where are you right now? (You can answer literally, or you can stop giving boring answers to every question you’re asked, and think outside the box.)

In McKeldin Library, refusing to give an outside the box answer because I don't like being pushed around!

2. What keeps you blogging? Your pride? Your mom? Wanting someone other than your cat to tell you that you’re awesome?

Haha, I appreciate the dedication to outside the box questioning.  Feeling like I have something to say that wasn't being said was my old motivation for blogging.  When I read things and have thoughts that I haven't seen elsewhere is when I want to blog. Blogging is also stimulated by having free time.

3. What blogs or bloggers do you look to for inspiration, ideas, or just to get the blog side of your brain turned on?

My buddy Brandon, from Pittsburgh, and I both used to have blogs where we talked about baseball, sports, and world events.  We would reference each other's blogs, comment on each other's posts, and really get into the entire blogging scene.  Between our group of friends from home we had a pretty good following.  I'd say his posts were the ones I went to for inspiration.  Now, I'm not really sure.  When I read the newspaper I want to blog about things though.

4. What is your most Terp-like quality? Is you’re not a Terp, well, I’m sorry, but you should be. Go out and get Terpy. Then report back with your newly acquired Terp quality.

Really creative question writing...I don't immediately identify with thinking of myself as Terp-like.  Maybe that says enough.  I really like the gym and the library on campus though.  Maybe for me, having a quiet place where I can go to focus and accomplish goals makes me Terpy.

5. If you could pick any celebrity or politician to give your blog a shout out via Twitter, who would it be?

I don't know if Stone Cold Steve Austin has a Twitter, but definitely him. I don't have a twitter, and I would probably respect Stone Cold less if I knew he had one - but if I had to choose the scenario it would be that. Not that I disrespect people with Twitters either, I just don't think Stone Cold is the kind of man who should have one. 

6. Congrats. Wallace Loh stumbled upon your blog and wants to host an all-night party to celebrate your genius. You get to pick the campus building and the two professors who will be in charge of DJ-ing and food/drinks. Go:

This is a creative I understand why you've done better than me in all of the classes we've had together lol.  Martha Nell Smith is in charge of the food/drinks (no that's not an intentional plug to try to get an A in this class), I just know she throws a great dinner party.  I also know that she isn't a great cook, but I'm sure she could bring in somebody who is.  She's more in charge of entertaining the guests anyway.  I would have given her DJ responsibility, but I have to go with the easy choice for that - Professor Patrick Warfield.  He was my History of Popular music professor, so he kind of writes himself into the role of being an awesome DJ.  Plus, if you've never seen a 5'6 full grown man jumping up and down in front of a class of 150 people to Lynyrd Skynyrd's Free Bird - you haven't lived. 

7. And finally, a serious question. What have you learned from blogging? Did you learn about writing? Did you learn about people? Did you learn how easy it is to get distracted on the internet? (But jk on the last one; you already knew that, of course.)

I learned how to be a more relaxed writer.  Somewhere along the way when they are teaching you how to write in school you forget that the purpose of writing is to most effectively communicate your ideas.  You get so lost in the 5 paragraph order, the zingers, the openers, the closers, the transition sentences, the strong verbs, and the structure that you forget that at the end of the day you are communicating your ideas to an audience.  Blogging helped me to discover that for the first time.

For reading the whole thing, here are some old pics I came across that I think are pretty cool.

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